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Large Omakase

Florist's Pick

Omakase is a Japanese term which means "I leave it up to you!"

We always appreciate customers who trust us and our creativity!


You want to send her flowers but you're not sure what she likes or which arrangements to choose. At $195 (L) or $255 (XL), we'll use the freshest blooms & craft a large bouquet that she'll definitely love. Choose the colour of wrapping, palette & we'll do the rest!


These photos are some of our past Omasake works. 

Estimated height of L bouquet: 55cm


Only order if you are flexible with letting our florists utilize their creativity with different seasonal fresh flowers that are available at the flower market.


Important Note Before Ordering

We only accept orders made AT LEAST 3 DAYS in advance of the required date.


Flowers are seasonal & each bouquet is handcrafted uniquely, so please take note that the bouquets received will not be identical to our listings. Please kindly provide allowance for replacements of certain flowers (filler flowers) should they not be available at the moment.

Large Omakase