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You know your face will light up when you check your mail or messy desk & a handwritten postcard or letter is mixed with your bills & ads. Which would you look at first? Definitely the handwritten mail. Texts & Facebook messages are ordinary, almost mundane. Say hello to loved ones with these fun and witty postcards! Drop your friends at home some local-flavoured ones or cheer a friend up with inspirational words!

Kan Cheong Spider Postcard     $2.90
Thank You (Bouquet) Postcard     $2.90
"Huat Ah" Postcard     $2.90
Ni Hao Postcard     $2.90
Steady Lah Postcard     $2.90
Blur Like Sotong Postcard     $2.90
Singlish English Postcard     $2.90
Five Stones Postcard     $2.90
Hello Postcard     $2.90
Always Aspire To be Better Postcard     $2.90
'BOJIO' Postcard     $2.90
Lah, Leh, Loh, Liao Postcard     $2.90
Travel Postcard     $2.90
Adventure Postcard     $2.90
Shiok Postcard     $2.90
Sending My love Postcard     $2.90


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